Our Services

We tailor our consulting services and technical solutions to match our customers' exact needs.

Each of our services can be provided as: a one-off exercise to fix a particular problem, such as troubleshooting the deployment of new products; a "Health Check" (NetHealthCheck™), which is a thorough analysis of the cost and QoE the network provides that provides a strategic plan to both improve service and reduce cost; or as a ongoing measurement and improvement capability than continually delivers more value.

Network measurement

Traditional approaches to network measurement start from averaged data captured at isolated points in the network. This process loses critical fidelity, and attempts to exploit this data inherently require unsound inference techniques. This results in poor capacity planning choices, unmanaged quality hazards, and unplanned capacity upgrades.

In contrast, we combine measurements at multiple points to collect instantaneous distributions of packet loss and delay. Using advanced analysis techniques, we can extract strong proxies for the user experience, and isolate causes of issues with certainty. As a result, we can ensure extra capacity is only targeted where it will create value.

Distributed systems modelling

Inability to predict QoE constrains the ability of operators and their suppliers to optimise the cost of existing services, and makes the development of new ones expensive and risky. When creating new services, it is essential to know with confidence whether the service is feasible and economic. In other industries such as construction, the disciplines of structural engineering and quantity surveying reduce risk. We offer comparable capabilities that are missing from the mainstream of network engineering.

By using our modelling approach, we can reduce the cost, uncertainty and risk associated with creating new services or making network structural changes.

Packet scheduling

The greatest challenge in packet networking is to configure all the elements of the network to deliver the right cost and experience to each user. Basic engineering capabilities taken for granted in the circuit world are lacking for packet networks.

We are able to model the customer experience, map this to application outcomes, and specify a fit-for-purpose network supply to ensure those outcomes. We can then configure existing mechanisms (or supply new ones) to ensure that this supply works appropriately.

Supply chain management

The packet network supply chain frequently delivers disappointment, conflict and acrimony. While service delivery suffers, different parties in the chain blame each other for poor performance, with no recourse except expensive, and typically unproductive, escalation. Even fully delivering on a contract expressed as averages (bandwidth, monthly loss rates, average delays) does not guarantee a satisfactory service outcome. nor can such contracts be combined in a meaningful way.

We can relate the desired service outcomes to the required end-to-end delivery characteristics, and divide those into design and operational 'budgets' for each element of the chain. This enables supply contracts to be clearly expressed; combined with predictable consequences; and effectively enforced.