Our Services

We provide tailored consulting services and technical solutions to match our customers' needs.

Technically-informed consultancy
delivering clear and insightful reports with specific and actionable conclusions
Tool-supported performance investigations
deploying PNSol's tried-and-tested measurement and analysis tools to uncover the root causes of performance issues
Enhanced consultancy
creating bespoke software to address specific needs, such as exploring architectural trade-offs in a distributed system design
Bespoke tool/system development
working with customers and third party suppliers to create tools and systems that integrate with existing processes to deliver ongoing value

Our services can be provided as:

A one-off exercise to fix a particular problem
such as troubleshooting the deployment of a new product or service;
A "Health Check" (NetHealthCheckâ„¢)
a thorough analysis of the cost and QoE the network provides that informs a strategic plan to both improve service and reduce cost;
An ongoing measurement and delivery capability
providing ongoing business value

Our Expertise

Our expertise is based on many years of scientific study and practical experience. It includes: