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We help network operators and their suppliers to optimise the value of packet networks. Our rigorous approach exploits all the available resource trade-offs at all timescales. This offers the maximum performance for the minimum cost.

Network operators face three packet network performance challenges:

They frequently encounter unforeseen performance issues. As a result, they spend lots of money on extra capacity to mitigate them. This is wasteful, and often fails to resolve the underlying problem.

They are unable to reliably predict network performance and customer experience. This constrains their ability to optimise the cost of existing services, and makes the development of new ones expensive and risky.

They fail to extract the full efficiency gain of statistical multiplexing. This means that customer experience and operational efficiency fall well short of what is desired and possible.

We help operators to overcome these challenges:

Measure: We can quickly isolate performance issues, and identify their root causes. Our non-invasive network observation and analysis techniques provide unrivalled visibility of existing and potential performance issues. Learn more »

Model: We can reliably predict the customer experience and cost of complex systems and services. Our approach works across the complete service lifecycle: design, development, deployment and operation. Learn more »

Manipulate: We can enable networks to deliver both excellent customer experiences and high operational efficiency. Our breakthrough technology enables networks to be driven safely to their theoretical limits. Learn more »