March 2017: PNSol joins the Cardano project to develop next-generation blockchain technology.

March 2017: Second webinar delivered from the PEnDAR project, showing a worked example of performance requirements validation.

March 2017: PNSol establishes a SlideShare channel.

February 2017: First webinar delivered from the PEnDAR project, on the issues involved in validating and verifying performance requirements in distributed systems.

January 2017: Successful conclusion of the PRISTINE project.

Jan 2017: PNSol article published in the IEEE SDN Newsletter.

May 2016: PNSol becomes an official partner in the Framework 7 PRISTINE project.

March 2016: PNSol CTO presents paper at 2nd International Workshop on Smart Grid Technology and Data Processing in Suzhou, China.

January 2016: PNSol secures funding from InnovateUK for project 'PEnDAR', to investigate incorporating mathematical techniques for capturing, validating and verifying the performance (and resource cost) of systems-of-systems into organisational workflows, in collaboration with Test and Verification Solutions and Vodafone Group.

January 2016: PNSol secures funding from InnovateUK for project 'Overture', to develop a platform to assist developers in managing the impact of network variability, in collaboration with OnMyMobile.

November 2015: A reading list on ∆Q is now available here.

August 2015: Ofcom publishes research from Predictable Network Solutions Ltd on the technical feasibility of detecting broadband "neutrality violations". To read more about the significance of this report, click here, and to watch a webinar outlining the key points, click here or here for the slides only. To download a copy of the report click here.