About Us

Predictable Network Solutions (PNSol) was founded in 2003 to provide consultancy on large and complex projects at the leading edge of feasibility, both technical and commercial. Coming from a strong scientific and engineering background we quickly found that the tools and techniques available were inadequate for the tasks we were being asked to perform. Our response was to construct both the mathematical basis and the practical tools that were needed to service our customers' needs.

Since then we have continued to work at this leading edge, spanning the issues of: performance; quality of experience; design and operational risks/hazards; and total cost of ownership. We have taken those tools and techniques and industrialised them.

We have a strong track record of resolving issues that were previously thought intractable.

We have worked with: major system integrators; network operators, both fixed and mobile; industry regulators; international research centres; network equipment manufacturers; and public sector bodies. Our telecommunications customers include small ISPs, medium sized national service providers and also large global carriers.